Passing the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam

I took the Certified Kubernetes Administrator Exam a couple of weeks ago and I passed. The Exam is created by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and costs $300 .There were 24 questions in the exam that covered what was specified in the exam Curriculum. Unlike other certification exams I had taken, I really enjoyed the CKA because it was hands on. I felt more confident after completing each task, I could see what was created, modified or destroyed.

I have been working with Kubernetes since early 2016 but I didn’t need to have been working on the open source project that long to pass the Exam. Some of the resources I used to prepare for the Exam is the LinuxAcademy CKA course,, DevOps Meetup Slack Community, and Kelsey Hightower’s Kubernetes the Hard way. One important thing to passing this exam is to keep practicing. Since this is a time based exam, it is important to work with speed and have an idea of what the Exam environment looks like before taking the Exam.

I strongly recommend understanding of linux commands like wget, cut, grep and kubectl commands such as kubectl explain and how to use jsonpath to format output.knowledge of systemd will also come in handy during the Exam.The Cut command can be used to cut out selected portions of each line of a file or output, wget to download the yaml files from the documentation, grep for selecting lines matching a specified pattern and kubectl explain when in doubt of a resource specification.

During the CKA exam try not to spend too much time on questions that require too much time. There is a note feature in the exam menu that you can write down questions you will like to come back to. One thing that will also make the Exam easier will be to have idea where to find pod and deployment manifest in the documentation.

Some of the problems I faced with the Exam had to do with the Gateone terminal freezing while my time kept running and also forgetting to change the from clusters I was working on and having to go back to work on the right cluster and doing everything all over. so watch out for those.

Go ahead and register, schedule and take the Exam once you feel confident enough. Remember there is a free retake policy, so if you don’t pass the first time there is another opportunity. I will be making another post on the CKAD Exam soon. Lastly, try not to miss your exam because the free-retake doesn’t count if you are marked as a no show.

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