Passing the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer Exam

I took the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam a week after taking the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam and I passed. The CKAD is created by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The CKAD exam is purely practical and it costs $300. There were 19 questions in the Exam with different weights that covered what was specified in the Exam curriculum. I had a much different experience with the exam than I did with the CKA. I had 2 hours to tackle all the questions so I felt the need to be faster than I was when I took the CKA. The passing score of the exam is 66%.

The CKAD exam questions were more focused on troubleshooting deployments, pods and manipulating the behavior of an existing resources. It had more to do with debugging and had 4 clusters. I believe the resources I used for the CKA were more than enough to get me prepared for the CKAD. Some other resources that can help in passing the exam are website, Sébastien Goasguen kubernetes cookbook, cheatsheet page. I suggest also knowing kubectl commands that will allow you to create deployments and services interactively on the command line because it will save you time. Time management is key and also making questions with higher point a priority during the exam.

During the CKA exam try not to spend too much time on questions that require too much time. There is a note feature in the exam menu that you can write down questions you will like to come back to. Understanding the use of
Kubectl edit, Kubectl set, kubectl explain and kubectl describe commands will be useful for debugging and making quick changes. Also remember to create the resources specified in the namespace requested in the questions.

I faced Similar problems like the ones from the CKA like Gateone terminal freezing while my time kept running and also a problem I had was making assumptions before carefully reading questions during the Exam. I was creating resources that had already been created and all I had to do was just make changes to the yaml file. I had that problem because I had taken the CKA and expected things to go a certain way.

I personally think the CKAD is not as difficult as the CKA. The Two hours  provided to take the exam might have made it a little more challenging . I will suggest taking the CKAD exam before taking the CKA because it will give you the exam mindset to work fast.

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