Kubernetes: Fluentd

Fluentd is an open source tool that acts as a data collector for unified logging layer. It is a a software used to collect and aggregate logs. Fluentd is one of the most widely used logging tool in the DevOps Community. It is written in Ruby and C. Most of us are familiar with Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (ELK) stack. Fluentd fits into this stack also but replaces Logstash. Fluentd ensures that log messages can stream from end to end. It allows us to create structured logs from any kind of application. Elasticsearch search acts as a document store and full text search engine that is scalable, fast and reliable. Kibana works in tandem with Elasticsearch to provide visualization into the data stored and indexed by Elasticsearch. The three components come together to form a very useful and excellent log analysis application. this helps solve problems on large deployment of applications on platforms like Kubernetes for example.

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