What is CNCF and who is a CNA?

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) was found in late 2015 and is part of Linux Foundation. It is a governing body that solves the issues faced by any Cloud Native application. It acts as a vendor neutral home for fast growing containerization projects. It aims to ensure that the projects are generally available to the community and help protect against legal action from those who have release the projects.

CNCF ensures that projects are interoperatable and reliable. They help drive the evolution of projects and promote the projects. They do this by promoting Meetups like Kubecon. all projects under CNCF are container-based and some of these projects are Kubernetes, prometheus, gRPC, Linkerd and CoreDNS. The projects can fall into one of these three categories Graduated, Incubating and Sandbox. Kubernetes is the first project to ever graduate the CNCF and recently Prometheus became the second to graduate CNCF.

We also Have Cloud Native Ambassador (CNA) who advocate for Cloud Native applications. they are people who are passionate about CNCF projects and are recognized for their expertise and willingness to help spread their knowledge on cloud native applications to the community. A CNA could be a blogger, open-source contributor, evangelist and Meetup organizer.

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